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Confession…blogging is hard.

Another confession…blogging from home for a living is REALLY hard.

One more confession…the only thing harder than blogging for a living is figuring out how to make it work alone.

When I started this blogging journey I was doe eyed with a pocket full of dreams. I had no idea what it really took to take this blog and make it a smooth operating business.

I found a lot of blogging courses that were geared toward a specific aspect of blogging (SEO for your blog, how to find keywords, how to make pin images that convert, etc) but none that were going to stay with me while my blog grew.

Then, one bright sun shiny day ☀️⛅😎, I found Blog by Number.


Who is the mind behind Blog by Number?

Before we get into the nitty gritty of the course, I think it is first important to know who will be teaching you. So, without further ado, ladies and gents, I’d like to introduce you to…

Suzi Whitford.

Suzi started out working as an industrial engineer in the corporate world. She got to work with some pretty heavy hitters such as Walt Disney World and General Electric.

After having their first child everything changed and Suzi became a stay at home mom.

While caring for her new baby was a beautiful blessing, Suzi still needed an outlet for that creative energy.

Like my mother always says, “necessity is the mother of invention”, and so Suzi created Start a Mom Blog.

After connecting and helping moms just like her, Suzi saw a need for someone to show mom entrepreneurs step by step how to take a blog from the beginning all the way through to a successful business.

By the grace of God and all that is holy, Suzi then created Blog by Number.

How will Blog by Number help you?

Blog by Number is the most in depth how-to blog course I have ever seen.  I mean this 100%.

Let me show you what this course has to offer.

  • Module 1: Why Should You Start a Blog
    You will learn about all the benefits to starting a blog. There are way more than you think!!!


  • Module 2: How To Decide On The Perfect Blog Niche
    Everyone is good at something or has a specific interest. In this module Suzi walks you through exactly how to find that sweet spot between your passion and your strength and discover whether or not it’s profitable.


  • Module 3: How to Create an Unforgettable Blog Name
    Find out the key elements to what makes a good blog name great.


  • Module 4: Step by Step – How to Start a Blog
    This module is so helpful. It decodes and guides you through setting up hosting for your blog.


  • Module 5: How to Setup a Powerful and Free Theme
    An awesome lesson on how to beautify your blog by covering everything from your theme (for FREE by the way!!) to creating your logo. Love this module.


  • Module 6: How to Supercharge Your Blog with Plugins
    Here you learn all about the best plugins for your blog. Very Important!!!


  • Module 7: BLOCK EDITOR and CLASSIC EDITOR: The 3 Key Blog Posts to Make Money, Get Traffic, and Grow Your Email List
    My favorite module!!! It will not only teach you about 3 of the most helpful posts you can write for your blog, but it shows you how to write them in both the new WordPress Gutenberg editor and the classic WordPress editor. Plus, it comes with templates for each post!!! This module has helped me out several times.


  • Module 8: The Mandatory Pages Every Blog Needs
    This covers the pages you legally need to have on your blog. Very important!!!!


  • Module 9: How to Create Pinterest Images that go Viral
    Very important and very helpful. Creating pins is a tricky part of blogging, but in this lesson Suzi shows you how to keep on top of ever changing trends and how to create said pins.


  • Module 10: How to Get Thousands of Visitors – Blog Traffic
    Sadly enough your blog isn’t anything if you don’t have visitors coming to it. This lesson covers multiple ways to bring traffic to your blog.


  • Module 11: How to Make Money Blogging – Your First $1
    The coup de gras of everyone’s blogging journey – how to make money. Well, you’ll know exactly how to do this after completing this lesson.


  • Module 12: Build Your Email List (Stretch Goal)
    Suzi covers how to make your first freebie that will help grow your list. This is another favorite of mine.


Sound like a lot? Well…it is. And every single piece of it is monumentally helpful.



Who will Blog by Number help?

I truly believe everyone will benefit from Blog by Number, but I must admit there are a few specific groups that may benefit a smidgemore.

  • Moms
    Because Suzi found the beauty of blogging after becoming a mom, she knew there were other moms out there that could benefit from blogging as well. Suzi’s understanding and compassion is what Start a Mom Blog and all her products (including Blog by Number) was founded on. If you want to start a blog, find your perfect blog idea, get step by step help with the technical parts, learn how to get traffic and how to make money with your blog then Blog by Number is for you.


  • Bloggers
    You do not need to be a mommy of littles to take this course. While this course was created with moms in mind it doesn’t just speak to moms. If you are trying to start a blog and don’t know where to begin and are basically afraid to take on this whole new adventure, take this course!!!


  • Anyone interested in working from home.
    Ok, so let’s say you want to work from home but you have no idea what you want to do, Blog by Number will still help you figure it all out. Suzi covers some basic things you will need for any type of business. For example, creating pin images, getting traffic to your blog/website, and how to build your email list. Even if you don’t want to have a blog you will still need to know how to manage a thriving website for your business. Suzi has your back!!!







What are the pros and cons to taking Blog by Number?



  • Price (affordable)
    I have taken quite a few blogging courses and most of them are between $200 and $300. Blog by Number is only $97. For everything you get in this course this is a steal.


  • Alternative Option
    If you are unsure about committing to taking a course, Suzi also offers just the Blog by Number ebook for $18. Obviously an ebook isn’t as interactive as a course, but you will still get the help you need. Like I said before, Suzi has got you covered.


  • Thorough
    Very few courses go this in depth in such a wide variety of topics. Suzi covers so much and explains it so well that no other blogging course really compares.


  • Handouts/Workbooks
    The handouts and workbooks Suzi provides are easy to understand and, quite frankly, pretty. She lays everything out in an understandable and visually appealing way.


  • More than just a blogging course
    Yes Suzi teaches you how to blog, but she also teaches you about setting up hosting for your site, how to build your email list, creating pin images, and getting traffic to your blog.


  • Work at your own pace
    Because there is no part of this course that is taught live, you are able to work at your own pace. This is a huge benefits for mom bloggers!!


  • Lifetime access (this includes updates)
    Once you’re in, you’re in. You will have access to this course for life immediately after purchase, which means you will also have access to updates too (and Suzi has made quite a few updates in the last year).



I’ve been trying to think of some cons to taking this course and the only one I can come up with is…it doesn’t come with a private facebook group. Personally, I don’t need a Facebook group and I think this course offers so much you really wouldn’t be gaining much with a group.


Like I said twice before, Suzi’s got you covered.


What is my final opinion of Blog by Number

I think you can tell by now I’m a big fan of Blog by Number, but there’s more I wanna say.

I’ve been around the blogging block a time or two and I’ve seen what’s out there. I’ve paid lots of money for courses that promised to help and guide me on this sometimes rough journey and many of these courses have fallen short of that promise.

Blog by Number delivers.

When I followed the plan Suzi lays out and started implementing everything from the lessons I saw

  • A 200% increase in my blog traffic in the first month
  • Gained 50 new email subscribers in a month after debuting my first freebie
  • Watched my new pins on Pinterest get at least twice as much repins as my old pins (which never did get much action at all)

Without a doubt, I do not regret putting my money toward Blog by Number.





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Ebook by Number

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Weekly Lives (FREE)

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