Get a FREE Digital Notebook!!!

Save money, streamline your productivity, and help save the planet with a new handcrafted digital planner you can use on your favorite device.

I started digital planning in college to keep myself organized and haven’t stopped since. I found the functionality and beauty of it captivating and now dream of a day when every Android user has the ease and joy of having a digital planner that they can use on their favorite Android device (with my planners of course 😉).

“Digital planning made things much easier”


“Going back to school as a working single mom of 2 was a big step that I thought I had completely handled. I didn’t do too bad until after the first semester and then everything got messy. Digital planning is more portable than my laptop and Elle’s designs are simple yet beautiful without being “too much”.”


“This has been a game changer for me and something I’ll still use in the future.”

— Janet W.

Which is the right fit for you?

Digital Planners

Streamline your productivity on the go anytime anywhere.

Finally discover the joy of planning on your Android device with this handcrafted customizable build-your-own digital planner. 


You’ll get…

  • To have the choice to use either a vertical or horizontal weekly layout.

  • Full index where every title is a hyperlink

  • A monthly spread for every month

And more…

Digital Bullet Journals

Plan or journal? The choice is yours!!!

Been looking for a way to stay organized + let your creative freak flag fly? Then digital bullet journaling is your answer. With a digital bullet journal you can create your own agenda as you want.


You’ll get…

  • The option to create your own agenda or art journal all in one.

  • Different layout inserts so you can create whatever you need

  • Clickable sections to better organize your life

And more…

Digital Stickers

Reuse stickers?! What!!!

When you were a kid did you get anxiety over using stickers because once you did you’d never be able to use them again? Or was that just me? 


Never worry about that again with digital stickers because 


You’ll get to…

  • Reuse your digital stickers as often as you want.

  • Resize to fit anyplace needed. 

And more…

“I can do all my planning on my laptop”


I’m not one to carry a planner around with me so the fact that I can do all my planning on my laptop (which I’m on all the time because I work from home) was the major selling point for me.”


“They are beautiful!!! You can tell she puts a lot of thought and work into her creations. Can’t wait to see what else she comes up with 😊”

— PinkVon22


Q: How long until I receive my purchase?

A: Instantly!!! Because this is a digital product you will be able to download immediately after purchase is complete. Pretty sweet huh?

Q: Is there an app for this I can use on my Android tablet?

A: You bet your bottom dollar there is 😊 I personally like MetaMoji Note (which I talk about here and here) but you can use whatever pdf annotation app you prefer.

Q: Do you use a digital planner? 

A: Yes I do. I use mine to plan out my week, track my budget, and write what I’m grateful for. You’ll see my planner and exactly how I use it on my Instagram page. Can’t wait to see you there 😊