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Do you like salmon?


I know for some people salmon is an acquired taste, but for me – I LOVE it ❤


After I discovered this new love (which was unfortunately discovered late in life) I was telling my sister how excited I was to try some salmon recipes, and she suggested I try this one first.


She said it was easy to make, healthy, and a good intro to grilling fish.

I was a little nervous to try this but I am happy to report it was delicious!!! 😊


The foil packets were awesome!!! I am so grateful my sister suggested I try them. They made this whole process a breeze. I have heard of people making their own foil packets and considering my cooking skill level I’m almost positive that would not have went well.


The trickiest part was knowing when the salmon was done. I’ve always heard knowing when fish is fully cooked can sometimes be hard and I completely understand that now.


I like my salmon to be cooked through to the point where it has this golden look to it. Not too done and to under done (kinda like Goldilocks 🐻). Finding that happy medium was harder than I thought.


I didn’t realize how hard it would be but the more I do it the better I’ll get at it.


If you are like me and have a low to null skill set when it comes to cooking this is a good one to try.

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