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In the planner world there are so many options that when picking out the planner that best fits your wants and needs can be both confusing and overwhelming. In turn this can make buying printables equally confusing and overwhelming. I would really like to make this whole process easier for you guys so I’m going to give it my best shot. Here we go!!

First and foremost, the great thing about printables is they can be resized to fit almost any planner. This one simple fact makes choosing a planner and printables much easier.

Before we get into how to use your new planner printables lets talk about the different types of planners out there.


Side Note

There are also travelers notebooks and planners but I won’t be talking about those because, frankly, I don’t know that much about them because I don’t use them. Sorry


Ring Bound Planners

Ring bound planners is how I was first introduced to the planner world. I was in junior high and I spent a week trying to convince my mom I needed this Lisa Frank planner at Kmart. It was purple and blue tie-dye with a quilted cloth cover. I was in love the minute I saw it. She finally agreed that I could have it under one condition – I had to use it.

I was over the moon.

Of course, I didn’t use it like I should have, but now as an adult I see their many benefits and put considerably more effort into using a planner.

After my beloved Lisa Frank I went on to own two Day Timers, a Webster’s Pages, and Simple Stories Carpe Diem planner.


Here is a list of the ring bound planners I have either used or looked into extensively.

  • FranklinCoveys Planners – I have never owned one but I have bought inserts from them for the planner I owned at the time. I loved these inserts. They were from the Collage theme and were absolutely beautiful. I wish they would offer this theme again.
  • Webster’s Pages – These planners are okay. I really liked the one I had except the pages didn’t easily slide over the rings. I looked past this one flaw because, in the end, the planner is just plain beautiful. I know that is superficial but it’s true.
  • Day-Timer Ring Bound Planners – This was my first “grown up” planner. This still stands as one of my favorite planners.
  • Filofax – I have never owned one but they are wildly popular.
  • Kikki K – These are also very popular. Be aware that these come from Australia so when you order one it will take a while to arrive (if you are outside of Australia).
  • Louis Vuitton – This is a beautiful planner, but keep in mind it is very expensive. I’m actually surprised how popular it is given the price tag. Oh, and needless to say I have never owned one.


Here are a few other ring bound planners.




Disc Bound Planners

I had never really heard of disc bound planning until my friend came to me saying “Have you tried the Happy Planner?”. I had not but soon became adoringly acquainted with it.

This one planner changed my whole perspective on planning. I loved that it felt like a notebook but yet I could still move pages around like in a ring bound planner. And on top of that the layouts for the Happy Planner are AWESOME!!!!


Side Note

I had a friend who used to think that MAMBI planners and the Happy Planners were two different things. They are not. The Happy Planner is made by the company MAMBI (Me and My Big Idea). (This really tripped her up and I don’t want you to go through the same confusion.)


Here is a list of the disc bound planners I have either used or looked into extensively.


Here are a few other disc bound planners worth mentioning.


Spiral Bound Planners

Spiral bound planners are a classic but unfortunately not something I prefer to use. I don’t like that I can’t rearrange the pages, I can’t add pages, and the rings always get bent in my bag. However, they are a few options out there if spiral bound is still your planner preference.


The most popular spiral bound planners are

(I don’t own any of these so I can’t give you my experience, but I can give you options)

  • Erin Condren – I have heard AMAZING things about this planner. People love it!! I mostly hear that they love the paper quality, daily layout, stickers, and monthly expenses tracker. Strongly suggest you check it out!!
  • Day Designer – This is planner is also very popular. I really love that this planner comes in an academic version. This makes really useful to students and teachers.
  • Action Day Action Planner – This planner is very detailed and goal oriented. Its main objective is to give you a place to break down your daily goals (and yearly goals) so they are more achievable.
  • The Minimalist Planner – This is just as the name suggests – simple and straight forward. Gear mainly toward students but could be used by anyone.


I hope you now have a better idea of all the planner options available to you.

Happy Planning,

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