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It Takes a Witch (A Wishcraft Mystery Series #1) by Heather Blake

In the first installment of Heather Blake’s new cozy mystery series A Wishcraft Mystery Series, It Takes a Witch, we meet Darcy Merriweather. Darcy, and her sister Harper, have just moved into the Enchanted Village in Salem, Massachusetts to help their Aunt Ve run the family wish granting business As You Wish (I thought this business name was incredibly cute)

Not only is moving to a new place and helping run a business a lot to take in but suddenly their lives are changing again when Aunt Ve springs on them a whole new “surprise”.  They find out they are Wishcrafters (witches with the power to grant wishes with a simple spell). Now that is one heck of a family secret.

As if all this isn’t enough now Aunt Ve is in some seriously hot water…she is a suspect in a murder. See there was a wannabe witch (those are always the worst kind) who ends up dead in any ally. She was strangled with Aunt Ve’s scarf and Aunt Ve’s boyfriend, Sylar, was found standing over the body. Suspicious? Yes, completely.

Darcy is determined to clear Aunt Ve and nothing will stop her from finding out who really killed the wannabe witch.

What I loved most about this book was how they (Darcy and Harper) found their fresh start. They both had rocky pasts – lost both parents (which is never easy), a few brushes with the law, very badly failed relationships, crappy jobs – and were unsure about what the next step in life should be. Uncertainty can sometimes be a catalyst for unknown blessings…hence Aunt Ve!!!  Family to the rescue. It gets me every time.

My absolute favorite part of the book was the very end. I didn’t see it coming, maybe others did but I sure didn’t. Don’t worry I won’t give anything away but OMG you are gonna love the end of this book!!!!

One thing I really hate in stories are filler characters. You know those characters who are always around but don’t really serve a purpose. Sometimes fillers work and are truly needed for the story to flow but most of the time they seem in the way. These characters are not fillers in anyway. The characters are well written. They all have great personalities that come across beautifully on the page and within the story. The witty banter is both hilarious and engaging.

I highly recommend if you are a cozy mystery lover!!!

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