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How to Open Zipped Folders

One thing that is critical to using your printables is knowing

how to open a zipped folder. Not everyone has ever had the need to open one so I understand if this is completely unknown to you. However, have no fear…I’m here. 😊

Below I have created a short tutorial with step by step instructions on exactly how to open zipped folders.

(keep in mind I’m doing this on a Windows 10 laptop)

How to Open Zipped Folders

Step 1

After downloading go to the location where your computer automatically saves downloaded files/folders (mine saves everything to my desktop).

Step 2

When you find the folder just right click the folder > click “Extract All”

Step 3

After it is done extracting you will now see two folders; the zipped folder and the unzipped folder.

You can delete the zipped folder if you want. You won’t really reed it anymore.

You should be able to open the unzipped folder just like you would any other folder. And inside you should find your new printable(s) all ready for you to use. 😊

If none of this works for you there is always the option of downloading a free software like WinZip. Software like this makes unzipping really easy with just the simple click of a button.

Hope this helps 😊


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