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Planners have always been something I have loved. The whole concept of writing down everything you have to do, appointments you have coming up, etc always came so naturally to me. The beautiful thing about planning is that you’re simultaneously documenting these great moments and memories you would’ve forget otherwise. 

Planning and scrapbooking all in one. Who wouldn’t love that.



Well everything was going so well in my little planner world right up until I found out about the different sizes they come in. And it’s not just that there are many different sizes, but one size can have maybe three different names. For example, an 8.5in x 11in has three different names – A4, Letter, and Executive.


I don’t know. I’m sure each variation has its place and purpose, but it sure does make it hard for people to understand and remember.

So finally, after getting very frustrated, I created this comparison chart to help make sure I purchased the right planner/planner inserts. 

Click here to see the handy dandy comparison chart

This chart has gotten me through more moments of confusion then I can tell you. I sincerely hope it helps you.



Printing In Different Sizes

Now that you have planner sizes figured out, now you have to conquer printing in different sizes.

The printables I sell come in 8in x 11in size (unless otherwise indicated). I do this so that if someone wants to put their printable in a three-ring binder they can. Also, because graphics and font fair better when shrinking not enlarging.

Knowing that my customers were going to have to resize their new printables I wanted to make sure that there were adequate instructions easily accessible to all my customers and anyone who needs them. Hence this lovely post 😊


Let’s get started

  1. Open your new printable in PDF format
    (you can use Adobe Reader which is free from Adobe.com)
    This is what you should see
  2. Go to File
  3. Click Print
  4. Once there you can see your document is currently 8.5 x 11 inches (A4 size)In order to change the page size click Page Setup

  5. By the size option click the dropdown arrow to see all the size optionsIn the dropdown menu you can see there are a ton of different sizes to choose from. Just choose the one the best fits your needs.
    If you’re struggling with knowing which size is right for you refer back to our handy dandy planner pages size guide comparison chart.

    Click OK and then Print.


Please remember you may have to adjust the scaling percentage to properly accommodate the margin sizes and spacing to make room for punching holes.


Now you can print one printable in multiple sizes!!!  Sweet!!!



The Different Ways To Print Your New Printable(s)

The questions I get the most about my printables is about how to print them. Most want to know what kind of printer I use and is it a good idea to use a printing company?

I’m going to do my best to provide useful info for you guys but please remember that everyone’s situation is different so what I’m doing may not be the best option for you. Evaluate your circumstances and choose what works best for you.


Printing from Home + How I print from Home

Let’s get started with the option of printing from home. This is the option most people choose. This option offers speed (no waiting for items to be shipped to you) and easy accessibility (you can print from the comfort of your own home whenever you want).

This also happens to be how I print my printables.


Let me walk you through my process of printing printables.


I resize my printables accordingly in Adobe Acrobat Reader (for more info on resizing printables see the above section – Printing In Different Sizes).



Make sure my printer has paper in it and is on and ready to go.


Side Note:

The printer I use is the HP OfficeJet Pro 8710 All-in-One Wireless Printer with Mobile Printing

P.S. I really like my printer 😊



I go back to Adobe Reader and print my printable.


I would love to tell you that this process is always flawless but that would totally be a lie. Most of the time everything goes just fine, but occasionally there’ll be a hiccup. When this happens just be patient and take it slow. No problem is easily solved with a frustrated approach.



Using a printing company

Use an online printer

This is an option many people use. Doing it this way means you don’t have the added hassle of resizing your printable, using your own ink and possibly running out, etc.

This option allows you to submit the printable in whatever size you want, chose the kind of paper you want, select your quantity, choose your shipping, and BAM!!! Your beautiful planner printables are on their way to your front door. 😊


Here is a list of some good online printers

  • CatPrint 
    They offer a wide variety of options (including a wire bound booklet – you can make your whole planner right here!!!), instant price quote, no minimum order, you can order samples before buying, offers some really cool options like adding foil, free hard copy proofs (very cool), eco-friendly, and guaranteed delivery date.
  • Uprinting  
    They offer proofing (have your documents proofread before printing), 24 hr customer service, and eco-friendly printing.
  • Best Value Copy  
    They offer no minimums (really nice because you don’t need 300 planner printables), low prices, and you can order the exact number you need printed.
  • SmartPress 
    They offer a huge variety of products, they offer samples, and they offer a very thorough ordering process. This would definitely be a quality over price kind of thing.


Printing at your local store

Printing from your local office supply store (Staples, Office Max, Office Depot, etc) is not the most convenient option, but is sometimes what will work best.

When doing it this way you take your printable (on a USB drive) to your store of choice, tell them what size you would like, how many you want, on what kind of paper you want, and then they print it and you are on your way with your new printable(s).

The cool thing about doing things this way is that these stores almost always offer a binding service. This way you can have your printables made into a planner right away. This is convenient if you don’t like the hassle of punching papers and placing them in a planner.

I hope this info helps you decide how you want to print your printables. Having options always puts my mind at ease, hopefully this will help you in the same way.

Happy Planning,

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**This post may contain affiliate links. See affiliate disclaimer here.