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$17.00 USD

Start planning anywhere with this undated vertical digital planner!!! 

This planner is set up in a vertical weekly format. With each month you get a month layout and a weekly layout for each week in that month. Scroll down to review this product.  

The planner comes in a PDF file and a Metamoji file.

  • The PDF has hyperlinks for each tab, the titles in the Index, and the Index marker.
  • The Metamoji file has pre-created Jump Spots for the important dates section, each tab, the extra pages section, and the Index marker

This is an instant download – there is no physical product. The files become available to download upon purchase.


Here’s what you get

The Download Folder contains – 

  • 1 PDF with hyperlinks
  • 1 Metamoji file with Jump Spots

The Digital Planner consists of. . .

  • 1 Cover spread
  • 1 Index where every title is a hyperlink
    (hyperlinks are in the PDF file only)
  • 1 Important Dates section (for birthdays, anniversaries, etc)
  • 1 monthly spread for every month
  • A weekly spread for every week in each month
  • 1 Notes Section that includes
    • 1 blank Notes spread
    • 1 Grid Notes spread
  • 1 ToDo spread
  • 1 Menu spread
  • 1 blank layout
    (you can turn this into whatever you want)


  • 1 Extra Pages section
    (contains layouts that can be duplicated and inserted anytime anywhere needed)
    • 1 blank month layout
    • 2 different Daily layouts
      • 1 appointments Daily layout
      • 1 hour by hour Daily layout
    • 1 blank week layout
    • 1 blank menu layout
    • 1 blank ToDo layout
    • 1 blank layout
  • 1 Stickers section
    (this is blank so that you can put your favorite/most used stickers here)


For Android Users

If you are an android user I strongly suggest using Metamoji Note. It is $12.99 (it varies slightly from store to store) in any app store (even Windows). There is a free option “Metamoji Lite” but this version doesn’t support the Jump Spot feature that Metamoji Note offers.

The Jump Spot feature is pretty important when using a digital planner. It allows you to jump from month to month and section to section.


For IOS Users

The best app out there for Apple users is Goodnotes. Unfortunately this app is not free but can be downloaded here


How to use

► All products that I sell will come in PDF format. In order to use/view these pdfs you will need to download Adobe Reader. Don’t worry, it’s free and can be downloaded at http://get.adobe.com/reader/

► Some of my products will come in a Metamoji file format. In order to use/view these PDFs you will need to download Metamoji Note. Unfortunately, this program is not free but (on the positive side) it’s not expensive either.

This app can be downloaded here –


► All products that I sell will come in zipped folders. If you don’t know how to unzip a folder please refer to this post http://ellesnotioncafe.com/open-zipped-folders/


::: Important :::  


All of my products are for personal use only and not for resale, duplication or for copying. Also, all of my products are not for commercial use. All designs are copyright to Elle’s Avenue Designs.

This is a digital planner that can be downloaded and used on any iPad or tablet that can support an annotation app such as Goodnotes or Metamoji Note.


Digital Planner Product Notice

All digital planners and digital planner accessories sold at Elle’s Notion Café / Elle’s Avenue Designs are optimized for digital use only. These are not suitable for printing and are not to be considered printables. These products are created to use with the tablet of your choosing i.e. iPad or Samsung Galaxy Tab.  


This product is copyright protected and is the property of Elle’s Notion Café and Elle’s Avenue Designs, LLC. Purchase of a digital file from Elle’s Notion Café / Elle’s Avenue Designs and the respective designer, Elle Walker does not transfer rights to the buyer. By purchasing this product, you are agreeing to our terms of use that you may not share or redistribute these products free or for sale. This product is for personal use only. All products are protected by United States copyright laws.  


Due to the nature of digital delivery we cannot provide refunds. Please inquire about the product before making your purchase to avoid purchasing something that doesn’t work for you or your device.

A Freebie Cuz You’re Awesome!!!

Check out this FREE digital notebook. It operates exactly the same as our digital planners. Its a great way to try digital planning and note taking if you’re a newbie. Enjoy!!