What do you get the planner addict in your life?


Do you just get them something and hope it’s a hit?

No, probably not. They most likely have it already or they may not even like it and therefore will never use it.


Well, have no fear. I come to you with the answer to your prayers!!!


I have put together the Ultimate Planner Gift Guide for any planner addict.


Even if you’re not a planner addict yourself and you may not understand the glorious splendor that is the planner world, rest assured, everything in this gift guide would delight any planner enthusiast.

Gifts Under $20


Papermate Inkjoy 300RT

These are my absolute favorite pens. They are a lightweight, write smooth, and come in a wide variety of colors. Being a serious pen enthusiast, I have spent a LONG time looking for a pen that writes well in the lighter colors (yellow, orange, etc) and these do!!! The orange writes beautiful. All in all, you can’t go wrong with these pens.

***The Candy Pop edition is pretty awesome too***


PaperMate Flairs

I have been using these pens since I was in grade school. When I was young I never knew what they were called or where I could get them. I only used them because one of my teachers had them. To this day they are still one of my favorite pens to use. I use them to write, take notes, outline pencil drawings, you name it I’ll find a way to use it.


They also come in these awesome limited edition colors!!!

***The Tropical Vacation edition is fantastic!!!***

***They also make a Candy Pop edition!!!***


PaperMate Clear Point Pencils

These are hands-down my favorite pencils to use. I have tried just about every mechanical pencil out there and none of them come close to being as good as these are. They have good lead that writes smooth (0.5 or 0.7), they have good erasers that don’t smudge, and they are comfortable to hold on to.




Sharpwriter Pencils

I have been using Sharpwriters since I was a kid. My mom always had them around to use when she was doing any woodworking projects. They are EXTREMELY lightweight, nice to write with, and have nice erasers. As a bonus they are nice to carry with your planner because they aren’t bulky and they come in handy for writing down appointments you might have to erase later on.






PaperMate Highlighters

Every planner needs a highlighter. How else would you color code? When I need a highlighter these are the ones I pick every time. They are very vibrant and come in a nice selection of colors. They really jazz up my planner.




Sharpie Pens

As if Sharpies aren’t fabulous enough, you should try the Sharpie Pens. The best part about these is they are fine point!!! This means you can easily write in those tiny spaces in your planner. I use mine for marking birthdays and anniversaries in my Happy Planner.




Planner Punch Board (by We R Memory Keepers)

I cannot go on enough about this hole punch. It does almost anything you need it to. It has different inserts you can purchase so that you can punch holes for spiral rings, metal rings, and disc bound. And the best part is, it easily adjusts for all different size planners!!!! Take it from somebody who has shopped around, it is hard to find a good punch for your planner. Just about every brand has a punch made special for their planner. But what if you’re like me and you own more than one planner and each one is a different brand? Do you really want to have nine different punches sitting around? No. That’s why this versatile punch is for you.


Gifts Under $50


Happy Planner

Okay let’s just be clear here, the Happy Planner is one of the best inventions ever made. Ever in the history of the planet. Ok, that might be a bit much but, honestly, it is everything you need. It looks like a notebook but you can move pages around, add pages, or remove pages. It is 100% functional and is so beautiful to look at. I use it as my “everything” planner.



Carpe Diem Planner

I know what you’re thinking…another planner?? Short answer – Yup 😊. I have about 5 different planners I use for various reasons, and the Carpe Diem is one of them. This is definitely one of my favorite planners because of the quality. It is a ring bound system with a beautiful leather cover and snap closure. The pages are beautiful and great quality (thick but still flexible for easy turning). It comes in a wide variety of colors and designs.


Websters Pages Planner

This was one of the first higher quality planners I bought. What I first noticed was how beautiful the pages and dividers were. I was so sick of plain boring pages that when I found Websters I was thrilled. To make things even better, the pages are really good quality. They are thick, sturdy, and can handle pretty much whatever writing utensil you want to use.


PaperMate Gel Inkjoys

If you prefer a gel pen instead of a regular ballpoint I would suggest these. They come in a wide variety of colors, they write smooth, and they don’t really bleed through (which is important when you’re writing in a paper planner).




Steadler Fineliners

I have spent a lot of time looking for fine line markers that come in a wide variety of colors and that don’t bleed through. I discovered two things:

  1. Whether or not there is bleed through is not just about the marker but also depends on the quality of paper. Duh, right?
  2. If you’re looking for beautiful markers that are comfortable to write with, its these. Beauty and functionality, doesn’t get any better.


Paper Trimmer

Before I got into planners I thought paper trimmers were stupid. Why not just use a scissors? I soon found out. I saw a tutorial online on how to make your own dashboards and dividers. I found out quickly how hard it is to cut straight and precisely with scissors. If you’re a planner addict who likes to get creative with their planners then you need a paper trimmer. Period.



MAMBI Carrying Case

Every planner addict needs a carrying case. This case is really cool because it is made special for the Happy Planner. But don’t worry if you don’t have a Happy Planner, because this will fit any planner plus your favorite planner accessories i.e. pens, stickers, washi tape, etc. Very useful for any planner enthusiast.


Gifts Over $50


Erin Condren Planner

Ah, another planner. Yes, I know, how many planners can she talk about? Short answer? A lot. But for right now let’s just talk about this one. The Erin Condren is a very popular planner and with good reason. These planners are really user friendly and have a nice functional layout, but there’s more to it. These planners can be personalized. When you order them, you can have it monogramed, buy their customizable stickers, or buy their interchangeable covers. The level of personalization that is available for this spiral bound planner out does any planner of its kind.


Day Designer Planner

I love these planners. They are very classy, chic, and extremely functional. Unlike the Happy Planner you cannot move or add pages, but if you get the Planner Punch Board you will be able to add pages until your heart’s content. 




Polaroid Mobile Printer

This is the coolest thing I have ever found. This is a printer for your phone!!! You put their app on your phone and then you can print any picture that is on your phone. Cool? YES!!! Oh, and I almost forgot the best part. When you print something, it prints on a 2×3 photo paper that has an adhesive back. This means you can print pics for your planner!! Just peel and stick, it’s that simple. Cool!!!


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