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This blog.  Oh this blog.  It is proving to be much more complex than I ever thought it would be.  I thought I would just get hosting and a domain name, get WordPress, pick a theme, and start writing.

Wow was I wrong.

Some of the blogging process isn’t so bad but then there are other things. Having to constantly come up with ideas to write about is the most difficult part.  I’m never sure people are going to like what I have to say.

Maintaining my website definitely comes in at a close second. Between monitoring the website analytics and running all social media aspects I completely understand why bloggers hire someone to run maintenance squad on their site.  It is extremely time consuming and not always as rewarding as one might have hoped.

All of this has made me appreciate all the bloggers out there (which is saying something since I greatly appreciated them before).  The idea that some bloggers blog every day blows my mind.  I would never know what to write about.

In light of these new realizations I decided some important decisions had to be made.

  1. Post when inspiration strikes. Some blogging articles suggest writing a post every day while others say once a week is fine. I’m new to all this so I’m going to stick with the “write while inspired” idea.  Things may change in the future but for right now this suites me.
  2. Do what I want with my blog design. I am already on my third theme.  For a while I thought looking at the “live preview” or “live demo” was enough, but it’s not.  Sometimes you just need to see your content in a specific theme…many different themes.  As the saying goes “Rome wasn’t built in a day”.  Somethings just take time.
  3. This is going to be an ever changing process. I can’t expect to have this all figured right away. Things are going to be constantly changing as I find my way into my blogging groove. I’m going to succeed and I’m going to fail. It’s just part of the process. I’ve said before “this journey is going to be rough” but there is a silver lining. I’m not in this alone!!!! I am surrounded by some truly talented bloggers, all of whom seem quite lovely and more than willing to help a newbie like me.
  4. Except the fact that this will all take time. The blogging process is not a fast one. No one starts off with thousands of readers or hundreds of Facebook followers. Numbers will be low and results will be slim but over time, and with a lot of work, things will improve. My style of writing will improve (I hope), I will become more comfortable talking to people I don’t know (this is extremely ironic since I have always feared public speaking and am now hoping to talk to thousands of people), and I will slowly slip blissfully into my blogging sweet spot.

While there are many woes that go along with blogging I will continue to march on. I will do this solely because there is this beautiful thing that happens to someone when they write. They feel this sense of being free. It truly is a magical feeling when one writes and because of blogging I am 100% in love with it.

Here’s to feeling free 😉

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